About Me

Hi, I’m Kelsey Rodriguez and I’m an emerging visual artist, Political Science major, and space aficionado. I live and work in Saint Paul, Minnesota with the love of my life, my cat Spooky.

My work revolves around these ideas of exploration and discovery, this desire that I have to know what’s out there. By “out there” I’m talking about the universe, space, that endless thing that surrounds us that is most certainly not empty. There are things out there. Other planets, inevitably other life, and I want to know what they are.

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely (I don’t particularly like the word impossible) that I will ever be able to go out there and explore the universe for myself. But regardless of what is technologically feasible, I still want to. Desires are often not something we can rationalize away.

My work, then, is an attempt to document the infinite possibilities of what could be out there; in the endless space beyond our solar system. Think of it like a love letter to the stars.

My blog (affectionately titled “Captain’s Blog”) is a combination of the life of myself as an artist and the life of my alter ego, Captain Rodriguez, who explores the stars in her ship.

We’re a way for the universe to know itself
— Carl Sagan