How I Juggle Two Careers At 19

A view from my college campus in the fall

A view from my college campus in the fall

When I’m not working on my college coursework, at my part time job in tech support, at my political science internship, planning my social media, or writing blog posts, I’m making artwork. It’s common for college students to be busy, but what isn’t common is for college students to be juggling two developing careers along with everything else. I spend my weekends taking product photography, updating my website, doing homework, and hanging out with my friends. 

Why am I juggling two careers, one in political science and the other in art?


My life feels out of balance if I only pursue one. I don’t want to choose between them, I don’t think I have to. More and more people have side jobs, hustles, passion projects, whatever you want to call it. A lot of artists have “day jobs” to fuel their art during periods of slow sales and growth.

Why work a nine to five day job when I could have this? The best of both worlds?

My friends seem to be continually impressed that I’m able to accomplish all these things and still have enough time to binge watch season three of Daredevil and sleep for a healthy amount of time every night.

So today I’m going to answer the question: How do I do it? How do I juggle two careers at 19?

Basically, it all boils down to time management, planning, and prioritizing.

Every single week I have a list of things I need to do, along with scheduled meetings, work shifts, class times, etc. I do the most pressing things first, and then work my way down the list. The list is further divided up into each day, so every single day I do something that takes an item off the list.

Some people prefer to plan out every hour of their day, and while that can be really helpful, I’ve found it takes too much time to be really effective for me. I do have a google calendar where I plan out my work shifts, intern hours, meetings, and class times though. This way I can see how much free time I have and when.

Now, for the semantics.

My work study job is what I like to call a “warm body” job, it’s set up to where I have ample time to work on homework and other things, all while earning money. While you might think that’s perfect time to watch vine compilations, the office setting of IT pressures me into doing actual work.

I get most of my planning and homework done at my work study, basically ten to twelve hours a week devoted to homework depending on whether or not there’s some kind of tech emergency on campus. When I’m low on homework, I tend to use that time to write blog posts for this blog and some of the other blogs I guest write for, such as . Getting my homework done during the week leaves my weekends almost completely free, so I can visit my cat, set up exhibitions at coffee shops, or even take my artwork to a craft show.

Furthermore, my classes tend to be clustered in the afternoon or the evening, which leaves my mornings open to paint, take product photos, write emails to clients, plan out social media, etc.

Speaking of social media, I use several apps and free services that allow me to plan out my social media posts weeks or months in advance, and then the content is automatically published. That means I don’t have to whip out my phone at 12:15pm when my instagram post would be seen by a peak amount of my followers to post, the app (called Later) does it for me.

Time management, and carefully picking services that save you time and effort is absolutely key to balancing out careers (or even just one career if you’re a busy, full time artist).

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