Finding Your Niche As An Artist

For a wise man looks into space and he knows there is no limited dimensions
— Lao Tzu

I think of art as an inherently personal thing. The work that you create is a reflection of yourself by its very nature. So think of finding your niche as a journey of self discovery.

But is why is finding your niche important? It’s sort of like declaring a specialty (or a “major” if you want to think of art like college) in a particular technique, subject, or style of work.

My niche of artwork is space, outer space, aliens, etc. If it has something to do with the final frontier, I’m there.

Discovering your niche allows you to really refine the way you market your art, what venues you want to display at, what galleries you apply to, etc. Having a niche is the best and most effective way to discover who your ideal client is. This discovery affects every aspect of your marketing; what hashtags you use, what opportunities you apply for, what publications you submit to, etc.

Your niche should be at that perfect medium between too specific and too ambitious. Instead of “I create oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings” or “I create watercolor paintings of astronauts that speak of the loneliness we feel when faced with the empty cosmos” try to aim for something more along the lines of “I create acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings that explore the infinite possibilities that lie beyond our solar system”

You might say that my niche is perhaps a bit too ambiguous, and I would concede that point, but that’s where this next bit comes in.

Your niche should pair with your distinct personal style.

Is there a symbol or element you always use in your artwork? Do you always use the same medium? What kind of mark-making techniques do you use? Do you frequently find yourself drawn to a specific subject matter?

Your personal style is what makes your art yours, but your niche is something a bit different, it affects how you market your work, how your work is connected overall.